iBackup Extractor

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Recover lost data on your iPhone


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iBackup Extractor is a very useful app that can be used to recover contacts, photos, call history, MMS, text messages, videos, voicemails, calendar entries, notes, app files, saved games, debug information and any other data that, for whatever reason, can not be opened.

The tool helps you to make security backups to avoid losing all your data in one go, and you can export these to a number of different formats compatible with Windows and Mac.

It is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone 3G and iTunes, and in addition to all the features outlined above, will also re-establish the apps purchased from AppStore.

It comes with a comprehensive assistant to help you manage the programme better, and show you everything the programme has to offer.

So stop worrying about corrupt, damaged or erased files, iBackup Extractor is the perfect solution to recover all your important information.